February 28, 2011


In case you missed me reading my original essay, ‘My Gynecologist’s Novel’ as part of Story Lab’s reading series, here are a couple reviews I did recently for Time Out Chicago’s Comedy blog:

St. Greg’s Place Presents ‘Magnetic North’ at the Artistic Home theater

Batterymouth: It Burns at the de Maat Theatre

Also, check out p.26 of March’s Chicago magazine. I got to collaborate with my favorite cartoonist, Ivan Brunetti!

Lately, I’ve been unable to ride a bus or train without gaping at some gal’s engagement ring. No, I don’t have marriage fever (although I admit, I did tell Mr. Brunetti that I want him to draw my wedding invites ‘sometime in the next decade’). Truthfully, I feel like I’ve just been coming across women with huge rocks – huge enough that they don’t need to slum it on public transportation. I propose an app where you can hold your phone up to the chick next to you and tell if her diamond is real or cubic zirconia or out of a claw machine. It would amuse me to no end.

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